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Im 100% on Itc

Patience and Calmness - nothing demolishes learning faster than an uptight high strung loud instructor. A good instructor can instill discipline and attention to detail without acting like an ass.

I also need them to have a background just not in the immediate task at hand but well versed in background knowledge - If they arent a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a student trips him up then not only does he lose credibility the program loses credibility.

And...... They have to be able to perform the task that they are requiring of the student. During the course of instruction I require they demonstrate live fire prior to the students doing the task. Whether it is to engage a target at ten meters SAF or shooting and moving in depth with multiple targets

If they cant do the task then they don't teach live fire - period - they can do didactic in the classroom if that the case.
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