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Pre-measuring your loads. Bad idea?

My flat is not big and my wife would not look kindly on having one of our rooms converted to a reloading bench!! (not that I blame her)

So this means that I have to reload in the garage, 150yds down the road.

At the moment, that means trying to reload in the 5 hours of daylight we a re privy to at this time of year, and -5c (that'll drop to -20c in January).

That is not good for my fingertips, nor my digital calipers, nor my digital scales.

So: my idea...

Assuming that I use very clear labelling with pens, would it be OK to measure out, on the scale, in my warm living room, individual powder charges (eg 21gr N110 for my .44Mag 240 FMJs, or 38grs of N135 for my 155gr .308 reloads). And each time, pour them into a little zip-bag, labelled as described.

Bundle the likes with likes, so that when I venture in my 12 layers and 6 pairs of socks, to the reloading bench, I just need to pull out the appropriate zip bag bundle, take one of the bags, and tip it into the funnel, and into the case.

Bad idea?
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