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So what percentage of shooters can routinely shoot 1moa? 1/2moa? And under what conditions...
No Lead Sled, bag of shot between you and your shoulder, or Past recoil pad.

And I'll add what caliber and platform?
Caliber 375 or over. Bolt or Single shot under 10 lbs. There are quite a few rifles that meet these criteria. For example a Ruger #1 in 458 Lott. They weigh in @ 9 lbs. They get to be quite painful to shoot fairly quickly. The gun might be capable but very few people are after a few shots.

So to the OP: There are enough guns out there that can. There are probably a lot fewer people behind those rifles that can. It's not the tools fault that the wielder is not capable of using it to the full advantage.
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