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Originally Posted by kcub View Post
If I have to shoot somebody who is a threat in my home I don't care about any judge or DA or the jolly green giant. There is an urgent matter at stake and I want the best tool for the job. Period. The rest can be sorted out later only provided you win the fight and are still breathing.
You really need to think hard about this. Again I don't think a laser is going to affect you in court, but people have spent time in jail needlessly and spent theirs and their families savings trying to defend a justified shooting just because they did something that shouldn't even matter.

I'm not saying being dead is better than jail. But there are things you can do to make your court case as easy as possible to defend, without jeopardizing your ability to shoot.

The rule of thumb is, if you can explain why you did something, it's reasonable, and doesn't make an investigation difficult (like the use of reloads) then it should generally be considered OK.

Lasers are easy to defend. They're popular, many people use them, and manufacturers even put them on factory guns.

I still think they're a useless gimmick though. Learn to use you iron sights. Learn to point shoot. Learn to index with your front sight. Learn these skills and a laser becomes almost useless. When the lead starts flying, don't put your trust in something with batteries. They have a tendency to fail at the worst possible moment.
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