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I could see and clearly identify that he was in fact the bad guy, and not a plainclothes or off-duty officer or a good citizen who was shooting the real bad guy
I wish there was some secrete CCW code that identifies us, like I'm here your here and no matter what goes down I've ID'd you and will not shoot.

sorry for that side topic,
There are so many variables here but in general my plan is to get myself and loved ones to safety and help as many along the way. If the situation was in my face the choice is obvious, but otherwise removing myself and helping others is the best plan.

I think this was a good thread to bring up because it highlighted for me anyways the importance of keeping concealed unless there is no choice. I never gave much thought about what it looks like to others to draw and defend yourself in a mass shooting, its something to think about. I think if I had to defend myself I would reholster to concealed condition immediately then either call the police and identify myself or continue any exit strategy (especially if there 'might be other criminals) then call.
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