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I love a lot of platforms. The Gen 4 G17 is very nice, Sigs are gorgeous, HKs are bulldog tough, and both the M&P and my PX4 make the .40 S&W sing. But no pistol has ever felt like I could fight it effectively like the 92 platform. A lot of people think it feels too big, but for my larger-than-average hand it feels like a perfect handshake.
And this:
I personally have no issues with someone who prefers a Glock. My only issue is saying one is BETTER than the other. 1 may be better for one person or another due to preference, ergonomics, reason for the weapon, experience, hand size, etc.. The original poster would have a good gun with either one he chose (between the 2 he asked about). But, one may be better off for him than the other... Nothing wrong with that...
Seem to me to boil down and concisely summarize a lot of the collected wisdom of this forum. Sticky-worthy quotes right there. There's no single one-size-fits-all best pistol for every shooter and for every situation. Find one that works for you, practice and get good with it, practice some more and get better with it and don't waste time disparaging what other shooters have discovered or decided works for them. Honestly, we're all in this together.
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