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It's really difficult to stay purely American-made today. It would be nice if we could, and it would also be nice if the quality-for-the-dollar equation always worked out in our (America's) favor, but neither is always the case. Don't get me wrong here, I'm 150% for buying American, and I don't like a lot of things the Chinese gov't does, but....this is the world we live in now . In any case, it does seem a little hypocritical to knock a guy for considering a Chinese-made Pardner Pump unless you can say your household contains no foreign-made products. Because what you're saying, more or less, is, "if I like a product, and it's foreign-made,'s fine to buy it. But if he likes a Chinese-made shotgun (sold by an American company) then buying it would be wrong".

I don't have one, but based on the ones I've looked over and handled, the Pardner Pump does seem to be a good value.

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