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Congrats - fine lookin' deer

BTW: What was the weight?

As far as Core Lokts go...if they work for you, then stick with them.
He weighed 165 pounds. Not huge, just a nice sized deer.

I will definitely stick with the CoreLokts. They have done the job for me everytime. I have fired them ten times at deer and one time at a coyote. I have put ten deer and one coyote on the ground with them. All were one shot kills. Some of the deer dropped in their tracks and some ran, but none more than 100 yards. And those that did run left an easily followed blood trail. On this deer it made about a quarter inch hole going in and about a one inch hole coming out the oposite side.

The coyote I hit just behind the rib cage. Nearly cut him in two.
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