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Sorta like that, or maybe sumpin' similar down the road...

Shortwave, I kinda like that "Candy"...or maybe sumpin' similar...we'll see, but gives me an idee beyond just girls names, anyhow....

Naah, I know when to cuss the right party to blame for not thinkin'. Rifles don't think, they just do exactly what you tell 'em to, if'n you use their right language...if'n you don't...that's your fault.

Here in Texas, muzzleloaders are considered "not loaded" 'til they're primed. By Parks and Wildlife game wardens, anyhow...what some other Police/Deputy/Trooper might think 'bout that is a different story maybe. And every shootin' range has a different idea from any of those likely as not, tho' I haven't seen them x-ray anybody's gun going in yet....

And I like to still hunt, tho as I get older and the arthritis gets worse in my hips and legs and back, its slower and I pick my way different than I used to do. Still, I'm not above taking a spot on the ground and "stand" hunting , if I see the right set of "indicators"....heavily used trail, freshscrapes and rubs...good feed and water close plus some thick cover for bedding down....yep...I'll stand there a while, right time of day....

Your procedures are nearly same as I already do with my CF rifles on hunting trips...if I'm going back out next day, they stay in the cold. Though they are unloaded completely while transporting...but the ammo also stays in the cold as well...don't mess with Mother Nature...warming up cold guns and ammo causes the possibility of condensation, even if not to....thanks for the advice....
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