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Awesome topic jw062! Just out of curiosity, you didn't mention the gun you were using...

Outstanding info cap!

As we all agree every smoke-pole likes it's own formula. I personally swab/clean between every shot even in the field. I want every shot to (as much as possible) the same as the one before. I'm waiting for the game to lay down and die anyway, might as well clean the rifle. Not only that, but if I don't shoot again for a few days, my rifle is not having it's barrel rotted inside-out from spent BP.

Don't mind a sabot loading a bit tight. My (sabot) (bullet gun) (TC Triumph) likes the Barnes TMZ's or TM's. Likes Hornady's and also the TC Shockwaves. Shoots all of them about the same. It hates Powerbelts. It also doesn't like Superglide's. Just had a box of Hornady FPB's given to me and they look great. Will try them for sure. A non-sabot round for sabot guns. These have my interest.

This being said, I go for the hardest hitting round my gun likes, with the most accuracy, but also the most deadly on game. The Barnes are the best all around (for this gun) no doubt about it.

Just my 2-cents. All the best... and best of luck!

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