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Shipwreck, I feel the same about the 92-series. Kinda silly since I don't currently own one, but it's a high priority and I have a lot of experience with the platform.

I imagine I feel the same as a lot of folks who like the 1911 best. On paper, it can be bested by a lot of platforms for capacity/simplicity/weight, but in my hand it feels like fighting steel, something I could really use effectively.

I love a lot of platforms. The Gen 4 G17 is very nice, Sigs are gorgeous, HKs are bulldog tough, and both the M&P and my PX4 make the .40 S&W sing. But no pistol has ever felt like I could fight it effectively like the 92 platform. A lot of people think it feels too big, but for my larger-than-average hand it feels like a perfect handshake.
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