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Awesome! Thank you!

Deaf, I can't tell you how much that helps! I was thinking of doing a Crossbreed for either my S&W 5906 or, eventually, a Ruger Security Six, S&W 686 or Glock 27 (depending on which one I get). Thanks for the heads up on the ankle holster. I guess I can throw the NAA mini .22lr in there or a S&W CS45 if I wanted to get back into .45ACP, or my mom's Ruger LC9 (which she doesn't like the recoil on). I ordered a Bianchi 100 Pro for my 5906 since the only thing I have for it is a Cheaper Than Dirt UTG shoulder holster that's fine when out camping/shooting but no go for concealed carry. TN is a concealed and open carry state but I don't want to print if I'm not open carrying, which would be risky enough in the more suburban and metropolitan areas of Nashville.

I'm looking forward to having my carry permit and an IWB holster b/c I need new pants anyways so it'll be my excuse and might win me some points with a cute salesgirl in some clothing store or something. "No, I'm not fat; I have to get a 34 waist b/c I'm packin' HEAT, baby!" "..." "...sorry."

I've never heard of Thunderwear/hotjocks but they seem promising. Fanny packs aren't big around here either but if it's good enough for Joe Rogan it's good enough for me.

Knowing the problems with a 4" barrel, that really helps me narrow my search to a 3". No one needs a muzzle playing patty-cake with their dick.

Also, what is a TCP/LCP/P3AT? I've never heard of any of those.

And lastly, what is the opinion on the NAA mini .22lr? Is that enough or is it underpowered? I've been toying with trying to get a hold of a .22 magnum for a while but I wasn't sure if it would be worth graduating to a less common/more expensive caliber. Thoughts?
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