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You like the Beretta 92 and its variants. That's cool.
If I had a Beretta 92 and a Glock 17 laying on a table and I was told to pick one pistol to go in to combat with, I'd still go with the Glock 17.
This is true. However, I have previously owned 5 Glocks. I've also been in non stop gunbuying mode for like 16 years. I won't say how many handguns I've owned over the years - but its a lot. At one point or another, (while it's an oversimplification, admittedly), I've owned almost everything...

At the present time, the Beretta 92 is my favorite platform for a variety of reasons... And, I got rid of almost everything else as a result of my preference.

I personally have no issues with someone who prefers a Glock. My only issue is saying one is BETTER than the other. 1 may be better for one person or another due to preference, ergonomics, reason for the weapon, experience, hand size, etc.. But, neither one sucks, and some fans boys just can't say anything but any other gun sucks except their favorite one.

Admittedly - I love seeing threads about people who just discovered a 92 for the first time. Or when people buy another one. I've personally probably gotten 50+ Beretta sold over the years thru people I have known as well as internet discussions.

The original poster would have a good gun with either one he chose (between the 2 he asked about). But, one may be better off for him than the other... Nothing wrong with that...

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