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I prefer semiautomatic guns, but that's because I'm scrupulous about maintenance. If I wanted a gun I could take out of the drawer 6 months later with no doubt that it would fire, I'd choose a quality .357 Magnum or .38 Special revolver from Smith & Wesson or Ruger. My top choices would be the Ruger GP100 4", Smith & Wesson 686 4", Ruger SP101 3", Smith & Wesson Model 60, Ruger LCR, and Smith & Wesson 642, in descending order of size.

My grandpa's old Colt Python isn't a safe gun, we shoot it and my dad tucks it under his truck seat on long trips, and sometimes it does nightstand duty. Every time I take that gun out of its leather it so obviously is ready for action. Revolvers give you a great deal of confidence in their steadfastness.
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