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My primary goal would be to move people away from danger rather than attempting to neutralize a shooter(s). Only drawing my weapon if absolutely necessary to the safety of myself and others in my immediate surroundings. As the odds of a stray round hitting an innocent person are fairly high in such a populated area. As well as the danger of being perceived as a threat yourself by drawing your weapon. There is really no good outcome to such an event, only ones with less fatalities. My rifle without me is useless, without my rifle i am useless. Dont put yourself in unnecessary danger to be the hero. Regardless of how well trained you think you are, it is the hits that count, and any misses can result in civilian deaths. Weigh your options and remember you are also a civilian (most likely). Im not a police officer, my training was in Ft Benning and the Ranger in me tells me save who you can who you cant, you cant, may god be with them.

Also there is no amount of training to prepare you for the real thing, you think your ready until you deploy, then its a whole different game. Your training can teach you how to survive, but not how to thrive.

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