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The earliest hunts I can remember were with my grandfather. I wasn't even allowed to carry a gun. We were always after squirrels. In that part of the Ozark mtns. at that time, they were primarily big fox squirrels.

Fortunately grandad had a neighbor who had a crackerjack squirrel. Some kind of mix breed mongrel but he could smell and tree squirrels like a machine.

They were always in the top of huge oak or hickory trees and this was usually in the summer so all the leaves were on and they were hard to see.

My job, walk around the tree making noise to get old bushytail to turn to look at the crazy kid under his tree and let grandad and the old model 97 in 12 guage do its job.

I still love to hunt squirrels but I dearly miss that old dog and having grandad show me how to skin those squirrels. Oh the reasons for the shotgun were, grandad's 70+ year old eyes, and grandma dearly love squirrel brains. The best way to get in trouble fast with granny was to bring in a squirrel head-shot with a .22
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