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Roper, I wasn't complaining about how some team members shot. Just the rear sight they chose to use. My barrel shot that issue ammo not too good but it shot the Palma 92 ammo good enough in 1991 to produce the high 4-day agg. score in its first USA match with 155's. Sorry if that missed you.

I was one who didn't have enough wind age on my own Redfield Palma rear sight; about 20 moa both ways from zero when I rebarreled my Palma rifle to shoot 148's in the Aussie ammo. But I knew the winds on that ANZAC range would be 35 mph plus, so I bought a Wilkes rear sight with 40 tpi threads and 40 moa of windage both sides of zero.

Mid Tompkins was also upset that some members had rear sights with 36 tpi lead screws instead of the standard 40 tpi ones. Those 4 had to be resquadded under the same coach so their adjustments would all move impact the same amount for a given change. This issue was resolved for the 1992 team.
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