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I don't think very many people understand what constitutional carry will look like in Illinois.

The laws that the ISRA was trying to pass previously (HB148 & HB 5745) would override local ordinances.

Granted that municipal ordinances are misdemeanors, but still, the state is a patchwork of all sorts of different laws from city to city and constitutional carry wouldn't do anything to stop that.

In 180 days - if they didn't either appeal or pass a carry law - you could carry without worrying about being arrested under lllinois AUUW/UUW law, but you could be arrested in some cities for violating a city's "no firearm in a vehicle" ordinance, (or something similar) and have to pay $75, give up your firearm, and all that... and yes each individual law can be challenged. But I don't think the NRA wants constitutional carry and having to deal with a mess like that.

They want a state law that provides uniformity concerning the carrying of a firearm - for the whole state.

And if all else fails - anti-gun municipalities can always arrest you for creating a public disturbance
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