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Hunters and "gun guys"

It has been mentioned before here on TFL that cops are not necessarily "gun guys". I wonder if a similar thing is true with hunters?

I consider myself a gun guy. I keep up with guns (pistols and rifles), I reload, I go to the range often and punch paper (usually 150-200 rounds per week). I enjoy the heck out of all of it. I have been hunting twice in my life and while it it pleasant to be out in nature, if I go a whole weekend and only fire one or two shots I am disappointed.

THe first time I went hunting it was for hogs. Neither I nor my father in law saw any hogs, but on the last day I finally saw a coyote and thought "That'll do" so I bagged him. The other time it was for deer and I only saw one the entire time and it was on the run. On the last day a Road Runner came hopping up close enough to the blind for me to get off a shot at him with my revolver so I though "That'll do" and bagged him.

My FIL and the other group I hunted with...they don't seem to mind no shooting at anything. But when I hunt, I am out to shoot something. That's pretty much the long and short of it. I didn't grow up hunting; perhaps I have the wrong attitude towards the whole thing? Or maybe I need to hunt different things...things where there's a lot of shooting, like maybe prairie dogs or something.

How big a part of your hunt is the actual shooting?

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