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Bear Grease

Any adverse side effects to rubbing the Bear Grease brand leather dressing inside a "Hunter" brand holster? Right or wrong, my thinking is along the line of "ball glove" dressing- you know, something to make new, stiff leather more supple. And I like to darken the color of the unfinished edges as well as the inside. There is the problem. I don't and will not always wear this holster, so it will not break-in like normal. It will sit unused all year long until a few weeks for deer hunting comes along. The firearm is a stainless Ruger with a Hogue rubber grip upgrade. What do you guys say about spreading the conditioner inside the stiff, new leather holster? My guess is that it would be Ok. Since it's stainless steel, I'd expect any sort of oil or wax substance could readily be wiped off.
Your Toughts?
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