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"Dovetail" rail/riser to mount over/on a regular picatinny rail?

Hi all,

Basically what I want to do is buy the cheaper cheaper version of EOTech for Rimfire, which is only mountable to Dovetail ? rail or mount or something or other, EOTech;s website/advertising infers that only rimfire rifles have some sort of Dovetail mounting device that allows it to accept this EOTech.

So I have a brand new Saiga 12 that is gonna be my old mans Christmas present. Living in NJ, shopping at a LGS filled with [hygenic product deleted] and the threat of the ban, i had to pay top dollar for the shotgun. PLUS, I bought him a full compliment of different cleaning and care products, a slip on LimbSaver pad, and just two weeks ago spent almost $300 on magazines and some ammo. So I wanted to get him a nice quad rail forend nd Aimpoint/EOTech but i am running out of dough. BUT I thought, waht about using the rear scope attachment on the side of receiver, attaching a Saiga/AK scope mount rail, and then put some sort of riser type rail on top of it that will accept dovetail mounts, THEN Putting the EOTech Rimfire on top of it.

Any info on how this could be accomplish / what rail-riser I would need?
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