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In the meantime, while your politicians scheme, Alan Gura is writing a petition for grant of cert in the Kachalsky case. He will probably now wait for a decision in Woollard as long as he can, till he has to file.

Should we get a positive decision in Woollard (before Gura must file) this will create the perfect circuit split (the law of the two States being near to identical) and almost guarantees that the SCOTUS takes up the case.

If that is the case, then whatever scheme is in place, had better be a good one, or it will be a really short trip to the court for an immediate injunction against it (assuming that the Court finds in favor of Kachalsky).

If I can see this, you better believe that the ramifications are seen by the IL politicos. The anti-gun crowd is losing and they know it.

I tend to agree with Todd Vandermyde. IL gun owners hold all the cards.
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