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I would say a service rifle in NRA high-power is better designed to mitigate heat than a sporter-barrel hunting rifle. In High Power (just one form of rifle competition) you usually just shoot one rapid fire string at a time right?

fiveinadime- NRA-1000 yard- 25 shots in 20 minutes. Lots of time there,but i have never seen any one including me take more than 3 to 5 minutes to do this. Yes barrel is hot to a point,but accuracy is still very good.

No one can dope the wind precisely all day long either under variable wind conditions

Come and take it--We are talking 100 yards here. Unless we are talking 30 MPH winds there is not to much doping the wind going on here. At a greater distance yes for sure- Which is still one i will be working on for a long time to come. At 100 yards i have shot in some pretty gusty winds and it does not make to much of a difference on bullet,Maybe 1/4 inch or so, Still well with in 1 inch groups.

As for the Term all day long-When i go out on a Sat or SUn to Casselton rifle range with the 223- I will shoot 150 to 250 rounds a day. At 100 yards i will have an occasional flier here and there,but 99 plus % will be inside a 1 inch circle easily. No- Im not Annie Oklianny,but we are talking 1 inch. That is a large target for 100 yards
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