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Breaking the chain is something easily overcome, and is done so every day.

If you cdon't have proof you operated in good faith and the buyer lied to you, your argument doesn't have strength. If they actually signed something to that effect, you have a much stronger position.
Really, it is? Every day? Please cite the last couple of cases in your state in which someone was prosecuted for supplying someone with a gun, where that other person committed crimes. I'm very interested to see this.

If this were such a big issue, don't you think it would have been regulated to death? Why do you think it hasn't been? Because it is not an issue.

Civil lawsuits.
If you sold a firearm to someone and have no proof and any due diligence, it could get legally very bloody. The moment you have to pay a lawyer you've already lost.
Again- where are all these cases occurring? Don't you think we'd be hearing about them all the time if it was such a big concern?
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