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My daughter was at that Mall, in fact her picture was posted all over the TV News (girl in the pet store).

She done good (what she was taught to do in HD), and she screwed up.

We (her brother and I) nagged her until she consented to get training and her CCW permit).

I went over her house (she lives alone), which is a pretty fancy large house. She has alarms and video cameras all over the place, There is a nice spot we picked where she can use her bed for cover, (and room for her 7 dogs). From there she via monitors can see throughout the whole house. She can tell if its LE or bandits coming to her bedroom door. The idea being she can use her cell phone to keep LE informed of any movement of bandits.

Any way, that's pretty much what she did in the Mall. They went to a storeroom/office location and could monitor by the store cameras who comes in if anyone, to the store.

The problem being, she left her gun in the car. She could have been in a safe position to wait it out and if she had her gun, to protect her self if bandits tried to enter. Also via the monitiors she could have seen if the police were entering if which case she could have gotten rid of the gun.

Anyway, one should have a gun just in case, but I highly recommend against going after the bandit except in last ditch efforts.

You don't know when the police are going to enter or someone else might have a gun thinking your are the bad guy.

I use to teach building searches to our dept, done a thousand of them, there are places you can be, that no one can get to you without you getting them first.

Best hunker down. Running like a bunch of sheep isnt any sort of defense what so ever.

Hunker down, stay quiet, and keep your gun in your pocket until you have no other choice. You dont' want the police to mistake you for the bandit.

A gun in the car is no better then no gun at all.
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