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Originally Posted by Webleymkv
Soldiers, by and large, have to come to the party with whatever gun their government has decided they will bring. The one and only handgun that most American soldiers will ever go into battle with is the Beretta M9 whether they like it or not.
Webley hit the nail square on the head. Your average soldier, even the most hard charging 11B in the 75th Ranger Regiment isn't going to be issued a pistol until he is in a position that the MTOE says call for it.

And here is the blunt truth:

With the exception of some of the uglyness in Iraq in '03, your average guy or girl with an M-9 isn't going to use it.

Our mortarman were issued M-9s. And when we needed them to run patrols instead of drop rounds, they turned in thier Berettas for M-16A2s and went out like normal infantryman.

A good friend mine worked in our intel shop. She deployed with us but never left the wire. Her M-9 stayed shoved in her makeshift wall locker the entire nine months she was downrange.

Not all that glorious is it?

I used my M-9 exactly once, fired four rounds from it. One of which was an ROE mandated warning shot.
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