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You can look around for the correct buttstock and sights. You can check the auction sites or numrich arms (gunpartscorp). If it was mine I wouldn't bother and I would just clean it up and maybe touch up the real bad spots. As far as cleaning it up I would get some OOOO steel wool and some gun oil and lightly go over the metal parts, that should clean it up some. Like I said in my other post It's your rifle to do with as you please. I don't see alot of collector value in the condition it's in. The metal finish isn't great but after you clean it up it should look better. You could also get some cold blue from Brownells and touch it up in the bad spots. Brownells 44/40 or one of their other blues seem to work good. If you want a scope on it then that's what you should do.
As far as ammo goes that's the tough part. It's out there but hard to find. If you reload it's a bit easier and sometimes you can find reloads to buy. It's easier than factory because you can still get .30 remington cases,run them through a .32 rem sizer die and presto you have .32 rem cases. The older Lyman manuals have 32 rem data but you can use 32 winchester data also. Just don't try and chamber 32 winchester ammo as it is a rimmed case like the 30/30 and will not work. Old western scrounger used to make 32 rem reloads but I'm not sure they still do. If you have any questions just send me a PM. I have loaded for the 25, 30, and 32 rem in the past. I may still have a few boxes somewhere. I know I still have all the die sets. Anyway good luck and have fun with it.
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