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One thing that people are missing with comments like
I think the Illinois lawmakers will pass a law exactly like we have in California which has the effect of keeping the majority disarmed.
is that the Marjory of IL law makers are pro 2nd amendment. A bill has to pass in 180 days and the pro gun law makers are NOT going to let the anti's write the bill.

There is talk that we may see a system like that is in place in FL. 8 hour class and permit issued by the local sheriff's office.

There was a warning from a Anti to his fellow anti's while debating on the house floor the CCW bill that was up for vote last year and this is not word for word but, in a nut shell he said (There will be a time when we will not be able to place restrictions on CCW and the time is coming soon. We should pass this bill). The bill voted on last year was not a good bill for gun owners but was a good one for Anti's, we are not going to see that same bill passed in the coming months.The time for the anti's to place big restrictions on us was the day before yesterday.
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