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If the IL legislature fails to act, on day 181, the current law falls. So-called "Constitutional Carry" (Vermont style) will be the default in all of IL.
An interesting observation. So what happens to someone who gets caught carrying in Illinois tomorrow, or today for that matter. The 7th has said that Illinois' failure to have provisions for any form of carry is unconstitutional. If it's unconstitutional, then the law is unenforceable. The legislature has 180 days to enact a carry statute, but the current law isn't constitutional for another 180 days, it's unconstitutional NOW.

Another thought, to stir the pot: Within the jurisdiction of the 7th Circuit, we now have a constitutional right to carry a weapon (just like the 2nd Amendment says). OK, say I have a CW permit from IA and want to carry in a state within the 7th that doesn't recognize IA permits (and doesn't issue non-resident permits). Would the law prohibiting me from carrying in that state not be unconstitutional? Would a Supreme Court ruling upholding Moore be a de-facto national CW permit?
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