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Harbor freight has some nice heavy wood work benches for a reasonable amount. #93454. They are heavy oak and well made. You can fill in the holes with hardwood dowels. It even comes with a built in wood vise. The 4 drawers are of generous size.

I would check and see if I could get some wood cabinets from a remodled kitchen from a contractor or such. That will give you a place to store some of your supplies and will fit above the bench.

If you already have carpet, then get some computer chair mats to put around your work area. Dont forget about lights. Under cabinet florescent works well and you should get and adjustable goose neck for close up work.

Go to walmart or big lots and pick up a cheap book cabinet to keep your load books etc. organized.

A good padded barstool should be on your list. Along with a small tool box to keep a few wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliars in. Or you can hang them on peg board.

This should get you headed in the right direction.
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