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Most of those loads will give complete penetration well beyond 100 yards.
A 158gr XTP launched at 1250 f/sec will not penetrate through a 2 1/2 year old Nebraska whitetail buck from 5 feet..... I shot him 4 times, no exits. He'd already been shot with a .270 WIN in the front of the chest, and had gone down like a sack of potatoes ...... leaving the rifle, I ran over to him with a knife in hand and bent over to cut his throat .... and went into full panic mode when he got to his feet..... there was an unpicked 320 acre corn field just a few yards in front of him and if he was not hit as bad as I thought he was, and got into there, he was good as gone ..... I drew and fired until he went down, 4 hits, high in the chest. No exits.

Turns out the lower portion of one lung and the heart were destroyed by the .270 hit .... he was dead, just not convinced of it just yet ......and the upper portion of both lungs were destroyed by the 4 XTPs..... he stopped arguing the point after that.
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