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I'm very much it to rifles right now . I just bought a 308 bolt action heavy barrel bla bla bla and Im planning on building a high power comp gun in the next year or so . My plan is to reload 308 and 223 to a very high degree of precision to shoot in competitions . That's the plan anyway , if I'm able to do that is another question . If and when I get that perfect load . My guess is I'll be loading 1 to 2 hundred rounds per caliber per range trip , competition or what ever I may be doing and or shooting in .

Has anybody had any more thoughts on where I should clean brass and how dangerous it is to do indoors i.e. lead in the air or flammable media dust . I was thinking of installing a exaust system but I got to thinking that some small motors when turned on will create a small spark . I was thinking of 2 different type of systems . 1) is a good sized closed box with a fart fan on the top venting outside via ducting 2) a similar box with a big computer fan venting the media dust outside through some type of ducting . OR I can just do it all outside
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