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I think the Illinois lawmakers will pass a law exactly like we have in California which has the effect of keeping the majority disarmed. You can see that Posner had to hold his nose on this one. At least he acknowledged that precedent compelled decision.
I expect so. It is interesting to note that CA counties and cities outside the inclusive and liberal bastions of Lost Angles and San Fran are moving as close to shall issue as they can. Sacramento County accepts "self-defense" as good cause.

The Legislature continues to search for ways to disarm citizens in every way possible, and Lost Angles City and County are virtually "no issue". Liberal elites will do their best to keep it this way, but they are losing the argument, along with people like Madigan and Quinn. Once the economic model crashes, I suspect even Lost Angles will have to reconsider. There will be no officers on the street, taxes won't cover the outstanding pension and healthcare obligations. Won't be anyone to arrest you for carrying. I would like to be wrong, of course.

Kudos to Posner for doing his job as he should, whatever he thinks personally. Reminds me of Larry Tribe's reluctant conversion on 2A from a collective to an individual right.
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