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Savage 340 A


First time poster here and I realize that this is an old thread but please bear with me.

I recently purchased a Savage 340A 3030, extremely good condition. The stock is free of nicks and major scratches and has only water spot like imperfections on the wood. No rust, it's a nice rifle that I searched for. Why? Because a family friend gave one to my younger brother and I always liked the darned thing.

My brother's was a "newer" model as it was drilled and tapped for a side mounting scope. 4 screws and it was ready for a scope.

Mine is not drilled and tapped, which is perfect for me. I don't want a scope .. and I recently picked up a Williams FP340 receiver sight. Now I have to do some work to update the front sight to a fiber optic. I realize the task at hand will not be an easy one but I'm kind of anal about this kind of stuff and will take the time to do it right.

That being stated, (whew!), I have an old receiver sight that was given to me about 35 years ago. I found it in a box of stuff that I was going through to clear some space. It does not fit the 340 or I would have used it instead of the FP340.

I have no idea what it would fit and there are no markings of a manufacturer on it. I'm thinking it's from the 50's, only because the person that gave it to me hung on to stuff almost as long as I do and he's long gone now.

Can anyone identify this piece? any idea on what it's worth? Am I using the correct thread to find an answer?

Here are some pics of the sight:

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