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Every time I've ever done that, be it for a gun or any other item, the person has had me meet them at their house and invited me inside. Always seems very normal, every day sort of nonthreatening to me.
This scenario would not likely play out where I come from. I live in a large and transient city where trust is at a premium. Most guns I trade/sell/purchase I find through an online classifieds. Kind of makes me want to move where you live...

Civil lawsuits.
If you sold a firearm to someone and have no proof and any due diligence, it could get legally very bloody. The moment you have to pay a lawyer you've already lost.
What due diligence zincwarrior? Has anyone ever been successfully prosecuted for selling a gun to someone that turned out later (unbeknownst to them) to be a prohibited possessor? Should we start filling out paperwork when selling a vehicle to make sure that the purchaser is legally able to drive?

If we treat these tools as "evil" like so many erroneously believe they are, we are playing directly into the hands of those that would restrict their trade immensely. Due diligence doesn't involve a paper trail and you are not legally obligated to do so...
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