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Most guns I sell are at gunshops on consignment. If by chance I do a face to face and the buyer can't or won't produce an Id, I don't need to sell to him and he does not have to buy from me.

On the off chance that the gun is used down the road in an illegal manner and the police may come to my door inquiring about said gun, I want to be able not only to say I sold the gun but also to whom and when.

If that offends anyone, buy your gun somewhere else.
This too. Proof you actually sold said firearm.

I couldn't care less if the place I live is gun friendly or not. It's not even a gun thing. I want a receipt for anything I buy that's expensive.
There's also an old contract maxim that contracts over a certain $ amount require writing. It used to be $500 in most jurisdicitions. That may have increased.
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