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Private sales are completely legal, but that does not absolve you of liability in any manner whatsoever.

Actually, it does. There is a break in the chain of custody/ownership- you cannot be held responsible for what someone does after the fact, especially if you operated under good faith and the buyer lied to you.
Breaking the chain is something easily overcome, and is done so every day.

If you cdon't have proof you operated in good faith and the buyer lied to you, your argument doesn't have strength. If they actually signed something to that effect, you have a much stronger position.

I have only done one private sale where we each showed the other our state ID, but if he had asked me to fill out paperwork or wanted to write or copy down my information, I would have walked.
Fine by me. I wouldn't sell a firearm privately without going through an FFL and paperwork. If the sell didn't go through I'd just sell it to a dealer or other commercial third party.
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