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I've been asked to fill out a form that included my driver's license number and my full address. This man was a complete stranger to me. I find this dangerous and offensive on some level.
I don't know about dangerous but it's certainly unnecessary. I wouldn't ask for it or do it if asked.

"Range time" is a bit extreme too, IMO. I've had people stop in my pizza shop trying to sell guns. I can't imagine telling them "Sure, let's head down to the range and try it out first!" and I can't imagine how I'd work that out for an advertised gun either.

My "getting to know them" would be ...
Ring... Ring...
"Yes, I saw your ad for the Ruger 270 in the Pennysaver, do you still have it?"
"Yes, I do."
"Great, I'm really interested. Where can we meet so I can take a look?"

Every time I've ever done that, be it for a gun or any other item, the person has had me meet them at their house and invited me inside. Always seems very normal, every day sort of nonthreatening to me.

The people who show up with guns and need money are highly suspect. The guy who advertises and invites me to his house, is not.
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