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Originally Posted by Pahoo View Post
Trying to read between the lines on your direction, I'd say to stick with a Half-Stock, as opposed to a full. The main reason is weight and a longer barrel can be more cumbersome. Don't get me wrong, there are some really dedicated folks out there, that wouldn't have anything other than a Full-Stock, rock crusher. I just don't feel you would be ready for that, with all due respect. ....

As far as a recommendation on a new one, I'd say go with a Lyman Great Plaines, Trade or Stalker. ...

Good luck and;
Be Safe !!!
Is there any big advantages in maximum range between the two?
And i certainly won't get offended by any suggestion on what you think i may be ready for. I am very new too this and definately trust the expert opinions on the matter over my own delusions

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