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At twice the price, I have no idea what the appeal of HK is over other German plastic guns and the Glocks... aside from being a favorite of the tacticool crowd.
Yup that's the only reason I own mine, to be tacticool. It's funny you say that, as usually the guy next to me at the range with a Glock has just about every aftermarket part you can order (and the obligatory punisher symbol) .

Different guns for different people. I like HKs because I like DA/SA guns and prefer polymer for carry. I've tried Beretta options and FNh options but the size of some of the HKs is preferable for me for carry. I try not to rag on any group of gun owners (that first paragraph is called sarcasm). I always encourage others to do the same. We all share the same hobby.
Know the status of your weapon
Keep your muzzle oriented so that no one will be hurt if the firearm discharges
Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
Maintain situational awareness
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