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Interesting development, Illinois Gov. Quinn announced at a press conference today that he would work with legislators to craft a concealed carry law that includes reasonable restrictions such as disallowing mentally ill individuals from carrying. He also stated that any decision to appeal the case further would be left up to the atty general Lisa Madigan.

Gov. Quinn is the smallest player in the drama, but his amendatory veto power could be annoying and delaying. Still his public position to work towards a concealed carry law is positive. His laying of the choice to appeal or not at Lisa Madigan's feet is slap at her as she and her father, Micheal Madigan the House Speaker who runs the state, have ambitions for Lisa to be the next US Senator from Illinois and another USSC loss doesn't look good on the resume. Still I doubt that will be a major influence in her decision.

Lisa and her father Mike are the big players here due to her office and his power. The Mayor of Chicago is a bit player, not as powerful as Daley was and more bark than bite in this kind of statewide politics. Lisa will have to decide and act in public soon. Mike will probably publically play his cards close to his vest. Backroom deals and state money are his tools. If Mike Madigan wanted this to happen it would be a done deal, but that ain't gonna happen. He and his daughter, the states atty, will be in the same corner for sure whatever else happens. They may put up token resistance or fight til the last dog, but I don't think they will give in.
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