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I don't get that - what good is there for most interactions?
I had a defensive instructor who certainly agreed with you. While you may be attacked in your car, if you are attacked, chances are largely that it will be somewhere else and so a gun or pepperspray in your car will do you no good.

Fox News says the shooter's AR-15 rifle did jam and that he was able to get it working at least long enough to shoot himself.
The malfunctioning of firearms has played a role in several shootings, often with quite negative consequences for the ill-trained bad guys, but sometimes for ill-trained good guys.

There were two (that I know of) in the North Hollywood Shootout. One was a stovepipe of the AK carried by the bad guy who walked and he discarded the gun when it happened and was soon dead. The other was by one of the SWAT officers who rolled up on the other guy in the white car. His was in his M4 and in the video you can see him roll out behind the squad car to fire, have a problem, roll back behind 'cover' over the car, and the roll out again and start firing. For him, the only problem was losing a few seconds of battle.

Malfunctions experienced by bad guys seem to often take the wind out of their sails.
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