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thanks for the suggestion...think I'll think 'bout it a little longer...after I shoot 'er a bit, before I name her. Might wind up having to call her sumpin' I can't put in here, if you get my drift....
You do your part and I'd almost guarantee you, you'll name her somethin as sweet as candy. Just remember, findin out what she likes is half the fun.

Go huntin and do somethin like let her powder get damp, when that trophy buck walks by and you hear nothin but your primer goin'll name her all kind of baaaaddd things. It just won't be her fault.

Speakin of which, after she lets you know what load she likes and you and her are on a date at your fav. deer stand, if it's raining, a piece of tape or a balloon over the muzzle works wonders at helping to keep moisture out of the bbl.
Too, I don't like taking my bp rifle or powder in the house every night during our bp deer hunting season. It's usually cold here and bringing it in a warm house is a sure way to create condensation. Once I take her out, she stays in the garage till close of season. I load my speed loaders and they stay outside as well.

Also remember, if your rifle is cold and you throw it in a heated car/behind seat of truck for the trip home...more condensation. Either put it in trunk or in bed of truck.

If I'm hunting in rainy damp weather, the load comes out every evening ( via air blown through nipple from air compressor...bullet blown into rag box in garage so it doesn't get deformed) the bore is swabbed with a dry patch and left in garage. The next morning, another swabbing with a dry patch, she's loaded and I'm off.

One more thing, check your laws as to what your state considers to be a loaded bp rifle.

In this state, I can load my bp rifle and as long as it's uncapped(no primer on nipple) I can transport rifle in vehicle, ATV etc.

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