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My first hunting gun was a single shot Stevens 20 gauge, still have and hunt with it BTW. I was hunting with my dad during the last week of season one year, I think I was 9 or 10 at the time. We were actually on our way back to the truck to go home because we were both so cold and hungry, and out of nowhere this big 8 pointer trots out in front of us and just stands there perfectly broadside. I'm in the lead in front of dad, and between the gloves, the cold, and the "holy crap there's a deer!" that was running through me.........I couldn't pull the hammer back.

To be fair, I think that deer wanted to be shot, he just stood there like he was asking for it........even with dad telling me to shoot and me telling him that I couldn't. When dad realized I was too shook up he went ahead and shot the deer. Big bodied buck with one of those perfectly symmetrical racks that I absolutely love. Wasn't meant for me that day, and it's still my dads' biggest deer.

That wasn't actually my first hunt, I can't remember my first hunt because I was always going to the woods with mom and dad long before I was the one holding a gun. I was lucky enough to have a pretty easy time getting my first deer as a little kid, and it was a clean hit with no long tracking job. But it seemed like it took forever to get a second one.......figures, tease me and get me hooked, then snatch it away. Wouldn't change a thing.
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