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Magpul Pmag help????

I'm looking to buy some magazines. I'm new to AR 15s. I went to Magpuls website, seems the part #s of the magazines that cabellas and local gun stores have are different. I'm confused on what to buy. The retail stores are saying they have Mag 210 mostly, and a little 211, and 217. The 217 in the pics on Cabelas shows a straight magazine with no curve or arch. That don't sound right?? When I go to Magpuls site and click on pmags, they dont have any of those above mentioned part numbers. They start talking about gen 2 and gen 3. I thought that was only glock talk. So I'm confused what to buy. I heard 30 rounders sometimes have issues. Is that true? It seems theres a shortage of 20 rounders available? Any body know why? Anyway, I want to buy some magazines now. I'm asking for some help on which to buy. I'd appreciate any reponses to any of these questions or advice on this. thanks??
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