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Ruger customer service

I am spreading the word to all my shooting friends who might be interested. Ruger customer service is INCREDIBLE. It may be matched by others in the industry, but not exceeded, at least in this instance. I had a Ruger Red Label shotgun with a minor problem, My buddies know about this; the safety was re-engaging after the first shot, and causing the second shot not to fire unless you held the safety off while shooting. I didn’t get around to actually packing it up and sending the gun off to Ruger until November 30th. I had called them and gotten the number they needed on the package to be able to accept the gun (RMA number), but didn’t send it off for several days. The only way I could send it myself was via UPS or Fed-ex Ground (so I did). This is only relevant since it took three days to make the trip. Thus, Ruger received the gun December 3rd. I received notification today that it was being shipped back to me. Initially, I feared the worst. I thought there might have been nothing they could do, so they were just shipping it back. I called, and my fears were put to rest. They fixed it, and it passed the test fire, and was on its way back to me, all free of charge.

Thus, Ruger took it in, did the work necessary and got it back to me in less than ten working days. This from a company that is incredibly busy manufacturing more than 1 million guns in the last 12 months. I am not sure where they found the time. I was already a fan of this company’s well made (if not sometimes slightly overbuilt) firearms, but I am now a big fan of their customer service too. They took care of me even though I was not the original purchaser of that particular arm.

Well done Ruger!
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