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My first hunting experience was actually not that long ago. My uncle runs a pheasant preserve, and we were back in that neck of the woods for a family visit which happened to coincide with his season. We were already shooters, mostly target and trap. He set out a few birds for us, sent his dog(s) out to do their work, and we took one of the bean/corn fields and started traipsing up and down the rows.

Now as I understand it, he has to put out more birds than his customers harvest. We did our part. There were three of us out there, and I think we only got a couple of hte pheasant, but did much better on the quail. But I did get a couple great shots that hooked me. I had a nice shot on one, and it just rolled over, much like the fighters in an old WWII movie... just rolled over and had a slow graceful dive. Right next to, and almost into the pickup bed. Had another shot where I didn't have a shot for the longest time, but I stayed patient and nailed it from a good but long range.

I also had a bad shot that sobered me bit, winged one bad enough it couldn't get up high/long enough to finish it without risking a dog. The dog kept flushing it, but we couldn' get a safe shot at it.
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