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I killed my first deer when I was about 8-9. I used my grandfather's single barrels 16 gage. Long before I was born, someone stuck it in the mud and fired it. Resulting in part of the barrel having to be cut off. Including the Bead.

I have to walk about two miles of highway picking up pop bottles so I could come up with the $.25 required to buy three shells.

Sure enough, shortly after I was placed on the stand a two point (4 by easter count) came running to me, I shot he wend down. But got up again.

The night before I heard stories from older relatives about people being stomped and gored by deer.

Needless to say when that sucker got up, I was scared out of my wits. The extract was faulty so I had to pry the hull out with my knife and fired again.

He went down but again got back up, now I'm really scared, I managed to hold my ground, get loaded up again and fire the third (and final). Luckily this killed him.

When my uncle heard the shots, he comes to my stand, all I could say was "I thought he was going to get me".

I'm sure, now that I'm older and hopefully smarter, realize the young buck though he was running from danger, not at me.

I still have that old shotgun, not worth a hoot, but it was my Grandpa's and I did after all kill my first deer with it.
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