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Before I was able to get back with the owner the pistol had been sold,so somebody got a great deal on the 4026.
As I wrote before, you have to BUY NOW with guns like this!
I was mainly interested in the S&W 4026 as a addition to my collection,i've heard there were not many 4026 produced? And thinking the 4026 might be a collectable model down the road?
Few were sold, but IMHO it's still too early to tell whether this pistol will be seriously collectible; in realistic terms, all 3rd-gens are too new, and any collector interest over the next decade or two will probably focus on truly LNIB collector-grade examples. A few rare 1st-gen models ARE collectible today, but it took them decades to get there.

That being said, purely from a "shooter" standpoint, IMHO now is the time to buy a 9mm or .40S&W full-size S&W pistol because I believe that values have bottomed out. IMHO values are artificially depressed by a market awash in LE surplus, but are virtually certain to climb as the LE surplus pipeline dries up. Values have already started to climb for the 10mm and .45ACP pistols and certain sought-after 9mm and .40S&W compact models; these markets are subject to less downward pressure from LE surplus.

Realize, however, that I'm not talking about a collector market where value increases significantly outpace inflation; I believe that values will appreciate slowly, but the important factor is that IMHO you're unlikely to ever lose money if you buy a fairly priced "shooter-grade" 3rd-gen pistol and take good care of it.
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