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Some responses

JimBob...I went with the 54 on purpose. I live reasonably close to the LBJ National Grasslands (30-40 minute drive) run by the US Forest Service(most years the place is teeming with deer and wild turkey, plus lots of cottontail and squirrel, quail, dove, etc.) Folks can hunt there with a Texas Hunting License during the regular seasons (with local County limits, if this County its 2 bucks plus 2 anterless deer in total, all categories/seasons combined; archery, gun, special spike/anterless week after regular gun season ends) established by Texas Parks and Wildlife, with the limitation that it is shotgun or muzzleloader only (plus archery, of course) and you hafta wear all that purdy bright orange stuff that ain't required on private land ('course early in the season, I don't go there...too many Elmer Fudds hootin' and hollerin' around; late in the season it gets real cold, for Texas, and they stay home). No centerfire/rimfire. Since its in the "Cross Timbers" region of Texas, you have some rolling plains, creek bottoms, hardwood stands, thickets, etc. So typical ranges for shots at deer, for instance, could range from close enough to almost touch 'em out to way over 100 yards (not that I'd be likely to take such long shots...I figure up to 75-100 yards depending on all the factors would be my likely limit). The wise and kind folks on this site (and a couple others) have "informed" me through their posts that the 54 would get me a better spread of ranges where I could be effective (assuming I do the stuff I'm supposed to right). Also, I'll likely end up casting my own round balls...down the road a short ways.

Arcticap...thanks for the suggestion...think I'll think 'bout it a little longer...after I shoot 'er a bit, before I name her. Might wind up having to call her sumpin' I can't put in here, if you get my drift....

DD4life...I was in the USAF Security Police in Thailand (Takh-li and Korat) in '73-'74...we were the "zoomies" infantry... securing the airfield perimeters, etc...
and I know whereof you speak 'bout the "House Mouse" and duties...knew before I bought one I'd be the one doin' all the pot-scrubbin'. hahahaa...been there before...

To all: Thank you all very much for the warm and helpful welcome. Hope I can get pretty good at this and maybe "pass it along" some day...
"Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.--John Adams
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